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My First Blog Entry - Testing

Dear Friends,

This is my first blog post--EVER. I am hoping that I have the technical ability to figure out how this works and commit to writing regularly-- while juggling my newborn and three-year-old. Let's see how I do!

My first "real" entry will be on Friday, April 24th - the first day that Rose wears her hearing aids. Rose was born on February 26th, 2015. She is easy, fun, smily, beautiful, and (as my father would say) a perfect angel. On April 6th, she was diagnosed with sensorineural, moderate hearing loss. Therefore, she will need amplification for the rest of her life.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight all the incredible things that happen to Rose and our family because of her hearing loss-- as it is not a loss at all-- it will be a gain-- for her and all of us.

Thanks for reading and joining us on this new and exciting journey!


P.S. Did this even work? Where does it "post"? Who will read this?

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