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Lydia Griffin Hudacsko is an author, mother and advocate/educator for families with children who have hearing loss. 


Her books for children: BeBa and the Curious Creature Catchers (Laffin Minor Press 2006), Prunes and Rupe (Filter Press 2007), and Susan Anderson Colorado’s Doc Susie (Filter Press 2010) have been inspired by her understanding of language acquisition, vocabulary development, and the way in which conversation and reading enhances listening and spoken language. 


Her goal is to inspire parents and children to love reading together. She hopes, like her family, others will also get lost in stories, relish in the coziness of cuddling up with a book, and witness the incredible brain-expanding magic that happens when children are exposed to millions of words.


Lydia is the mother of two beautiful girls - Neve and Rose. When Rose was born with bilateral hearing loss, Lydia and her husband did not know anything about audiology, hearing aids, or early intervention. Dedicated to ensuring that Rose would have access to sound and a rich language environment, they have learned an immense amount in a very short period of time. Now Lydia hopes to help other families traveling on this challenging, often bumpy, but very rewarding road. She is a Parent Ambassador in the Family Support Community for Hearing First ( and a former Guide By Your Side for Idaho Hands & Voices. 

"One of the greatest gifts adults can give—to their offspring and to their society—is to read to children."

- Carl Sagan



B Y  L Y D I A  G R I F F I N  H U D A C S K O

Prospector Rupert M. Sherwood and his burro, Prunes, are best friends. They go together like salt and pepper. When Rupe asks his neighbors to help look after Prunes, an unlikely friendship blossoms between people of the town and the remarkable prune-colored burro. 

Prunes and Rupe is a story of friendship, love, and flapjacks.

Reading age: 4-10 years


After graduating from medical school at the University of Michigan in 1897 Susan Anderson relocated to the mountain community of Fraser, Colorado. She practiced medicine there for more than forty years. 


Lydia Griffin follows the life and career of Doc Susie through the years of World War I, the Great Inflenza epidemic of 1918, her service as coroner during building of the Moffat Tunnel, and her treatment of injured skiers at Winter Park Resort.

Reading age: 8-12 years


When Curious Creature Catchers invade the forest, Zilly the Zebroose needs BeBa's special help. Using her magical abilities and joined by Zilly's animal friends, BeBa outwits the mischievous Catchers and show the unique value of being different.

Reading age: 3-8 years

B e B a  a n d  t h e  C u r i o u s
C r e a t u r e  C a t c h e r s


T H E  M I D W E S T 
B O O K  R E V I E W
B A R B A R A   B U S H

“There are three things that I like about reading to our children before bed. BeBa and the Curious Creature Catchers does all three: allows us to sit with our arms around each other; teaches a love of reading and learning; a moral lesson. This beautifully illustrated book teaches us to celebrate and respect our differences in a lovely way.”

“With its lively cartoon-quality artwork embellishing an original and energetic story, BeBa and the Curious Creature Catchers is very highly recommended reading for children, and an excellent choice for parents searching for just the right bedtime story.”

T H E  M I D W E S T  B O O K  R E V I E W

“Based on true events and a stone monument erected in memory of the original Prunes in 1933, Prunes and Rupe is a children's picturebook about the bond between prospector Rupert M. Sherwood and his faithful burro, Prunes. They were a team for nearly forty-one years until their bodies became so worn and tired they couldn't work anymore. Rupe had to go to the lowlands on doctor's orders, and Prunes was faithfully tended to by Rupe's former neighbors. But when a terribly bitter snowstorm came, it would be the beginning of the end for the old donkey, and when Rupe's master's time came, his last wish was to be buried with Prunes. The detailed, folksy artwork complements this warmhearted tale of loyalty and fast friendship."

More About - Prunes and Rupe


T h e  S t o r y  f r o m
S t a r t   t o  F i n i s h

This is a full-day workshop - using BeBa and the Curious Creature Catchers as a mentor text - that inspires children to think creatively and write a story from start to finish. The schedule includes an “all-school” assembly where Lydia reads the book, answers questions, and talks to the students about the process of writing. Afterward, classroom visits are possible. In the smaller classroom workshop, Lydia teaches the students how to brainstorm, draft, and write a story.

W h a t  i s  H i s t o r i c a l
F i c t i o n ,  A n y w a y ?

Using Prunes and Rupe as a mentor text, this workshop focuses on text characteristics and the distinction between fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction.  Students learn how to identify text features, analyze the purpose of a particular genre, and engage in an interactive brainstorm about what makes Prunes and Rupe historical fiction. The most ideal schedule would include two classes coming together for a reading and the workshop. 

I  D O  W a n t  t o  H e a r 
W h a t  Y o u  H a v e  T o  S a y 

Designed for libraries, small conferences, or adult gatherings, this workshop inspires writers (and non-writers) to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, and turn ideas into reality. In this customizable workshop, Lydia starts at the beginning and shares her journey writing, self-publishing, and publishing more traditionally. She encourages attendees to write, revise, share their work, get feedback, revise, and finally take the next step in sending out manuscripts or opting for self-publishing.

- Sheri Weinman, Colorado Parent

"Lydia is like a movie star to the kids. She is the perfect role model and genuinely inspirational."


Lorraine H. Lotowycz, Ed.D.

“Lydia Griffin is a very energetic and reflective new educational professional—she exhibits strong personal and communicative skills and has demonstrated a great willingness to learn about emergent readers and writers. These are positive assets for any author and presenter. It is with complete personal and professional confidence that I recommend Lydia Griffin for literacy engagements in any elementary setting.”

Lauren Schwatz, Teaching Specialist

“What a spectacular day we had on February 16!  Your presentation to our students was not only perfectly aligned with our writing workshop curriculum, but our students were enthralled by your book, your stories about your grandfather, and your life as an author…The children will remember the laughter and the fun and they will remember the lessons you taught about pursuing your dream, working hard at your craft, sharing your love for stories.”

Diane Montiel, Owner Hamlet’s Bookshoppe Breckenridge, Colorado

“The BeBa and the Curious Creature Catchers signing was a standing room only event and the most successful book signing event ever held at Hamlet's Bookshoppe. BeBa is a charming tale from Lydia Griffin's childhood that will capture your heart.”


A D V O C A C Y   A N D   E D U C A T I O N 

Lydia is a Parent Ambassador in the Family Support Community for Hearing First ( and a former Guide By Your Side for Idaho Hands & Voices. She is dedicated to helping families navigate raising children with hearing loss. 


Read more about her experiences, guidance for other parents and communities supporting children with hearing loss here:



Lydia Griffin Hudacsko

PO Box 1125

Victor, ID 83455


Phone: (307) 413-9766

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